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The Ace Poker Fund is open to the public, and you can invest from as little as $100. Once the fund is complete, the amount will be invested into Backing the best poker players on our platform across a wide spectrum of Poker tournaments Live and Online. The fund will be assigned a dedicated fund manager, who will evaluate which players to back and for which games ensuring maximum possible returns. At the end of the ‘Fund Duration’ period all remaining funds, whether profit or loss will be returned to investors Pro-rata.

All backings will first recoup the initial investment amount before splitting the gains with the player. For example, If a player is backed for a $10,000 tournament, and cashes $30,000 in said tournament, the original $10,000 will be paid back to the fund and the remaining $20,000 will be split between the player and the fund. In this case scenario the fund will receive $20,000 yielding a $10,000 profit. Investors will receive a monthly profit/loss report on which games were played by which players, the outcome of that investment and the overall profit and loss.

We have developed our own proprietary system of backing poker players across a wide spectrum of events to maximise profits. All our backed players are handpicked by our team from thousands of applicants using specific criteria to extract the players who best fit our player profile. All Backed players must then go through our training program to enhance their skill level and keep them in-line with our standards of game play. Combining all aspects of our system and experience in our team, we believe we have a winning formula.

Duration of fund: is the period of time the fund will be active and investments will be made before funds (if any) are returned to investors.

Risk warning: This is a high-risk investment fund, please invest carefully. Whilst we ensure all measures to return as much profit back to investors as possible, there is a luck element in Poker which we cannot control. We do however aim to return between 3-5 times investors money within 6months, based on our algorithmic projections.

  • Invest whether you are a Backer or a Pro
  • Fully dedicated fund manager
  • Potentially very high returns
  • Receive monthly Profit/ loss statement
  • Invest from as little as $100 up to no-limit
  • Investors must be over 18 years old to invest
  • Investments will be diversified over many games and players to ensure highest possible return
  • We use our own proprietary system and back the best players
  • Pay-outs will be made to investors shortly after the ‘Duration of fund’ period ends.

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